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Bakery Bar

About us

Originally envisioned as the home base for Debbie Does Doberge’s spins on the classic New Orleans birthday cake, Bakery Bar has grown into a full service restaurant, with a nostalgic, comforting and creative menu of snacks and shareables, entrees and desserts and a craft cocktail program (led by Vincent Heitz and Joseph Witkowski) that draws on history, pop culture, and touchstone experiences.

Most importantly, we are a company that believes that people are the best asset to our business. We believe that kindness is powerful. We believe that each person has worth, that Black Lives Matter, that people should be paid a living wage and have a right to a safe and supportive workplace, and that humans are meant to do more than just work.

We’ve adjusted our staffing strategy to prioritize full time, salaried positions with paid sick leave, vacations, and the option to enroll in health insurance. We want you to see the faces you’ve come to know and love when you walk through our doors, and we want those faces to be happy, healthy and living their best lives.

In an effort to alleviate the pay disparity that has often existed between front and back of house positions, and to ensure a more stable wage altogether, we’ve set up systems for internal pay transparency and will be including a 15% service fee on all checks at Bakery Bar and Debbie on the Levee to be shared equally among all employees. If you feel like tipping more, of course we would love for you to! This is simply a step in the direction of nudging our industry-standard margins to a place that guarantees all of our staff, from dishwasher to Debbie, a livable wage for the work we put in bringing you the quality product and service you’ve come to expect and enjoy from us.