Freaky Tiki Ticket


Freaky Tiki Ticket


Join the goblins and ghouls at Bakery Bar for a coursed dinner and cocktail pairing event at 7pm on Halloween night! Scroll down for a freaky peek at the menu!

Admits One. Must be 21 to enter.

A portion of proceeds will be donated to the New Orleans Women and Children’s Shelter.

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Vampire Repellent
black garlic mousse, baked brie, white truffle oil, pumpernickel

Silver Bullet: kummel, gin, lemon, whey

1st Course
Wolf Peach
marinated creole tomato, grilled peach, red oak, beef heart carpaccio,
smoked cherry vinaigrette

Wolf’s Blood: Wolfamer, Rabarbaro, balsamic vinegar, raspberry lambic, pear brandy

2nd Course
Hocus Pocus
purple potatoes, leeks, braised fennel, white asparagus

Toil and Trouble: butterfly pea tea, lavender, lilac, honey, white wine

3rd Course
squid, tarragon butter, red cabbage & pear slaw, split top roll

Ship Wreck: Jamaican rum, licorice, tarragon, orgeat, lime

4th Course
porchetta with duck liver mouse, blood sausage, sage and garlic over red lentils

Bride of Frank: rhum agricole, madeira, orange, banana

5th Course
Wooden Steak
filet, vikings blood demi glace, yam & pumpkin florets

Puff of Smoke: handpicked Roulaison Single Barrel, chicory, a whole lotta smoke

6th Course
Poison Apple
Roasted apple, Cognac Vanilla glaze, ginger snap streusel, fig & honey icing

True Love’s Kiss: calvados and ginger cream